Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds

Ben graduated as a veterinarian from James Cook University winning numerous academic awards during the degree. Since this time at university, Ben’s interest in ophthalmology saw him undertake externships to veterinary ophthalmology centres across Australia, the UK and the USA. Ben was fortunate enough to win an international scholarship in 2018 to allow him to undertake advanced ophthalmology training at North Carolina State University while working at one of Brisbane’s largest veterinary hospitals.

Ben joined the Eye Clinic for Animals as an intern in January 2019, and completed his ophthalmology residency in 2022. In this time, Ben underwent further training via an externship at the University of California, Davis. Ben has a passion for all aspects of ophthalmic medicine and surgery. Ben has also been assisting in teaching students at the University of Sydney their ophthalmology practicals and tutorials.

Ben is one of the registrars at Eye Clinic for Animals, and is preparing to sit examinations to be recognized as a veterinary ophthalmology specialist.


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