Meet Brandi: an American vet nurse who has called Australia home for six years. With a background spanning emergency care, exotics, and now specializing in ophthalmology, she’s a pro in her field.

Beyond the clinic, Brandi’s a dedicated wife, a mother to her young daughter and her beloved pet rabbit Trixie.


Meet Jade, a dedicated veterinary nurse who moved from the UK for Australia with her partner.

Trained in the UK, her passion for animal care led her across oceans. Now, in Australia, she blends her expertise with a deep love for Aussie wildlife, providing top-notch care and building trust with every patient she serves.


Meet Michaela: a passionate veterinary nurse whose world revolves around caring for animals.

From tending to furry friends in need to offering a calming presence, her dedication knows no bounds.

Off-duty, she’s often seen with Ellie, her spirited corgi, who is a true embodiment of her love for animals.


Meet Alannah, a dedicated nurse from the Central Coast.

Her compassionate care has touched countless lives. At home, she tends to two budgies, a lizard, and a snake with special needs. Alannah’s nurturing spirit shines both in her profession and her unique family of pets.